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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you finance the cars that you sell at Carland Auto Store?

No. We do not finance our cars, however a large percentage of our customers do finance through their own credit union or bank. This allows us to keep our overhead down and our prices low.

Q: Are there any hidden fees or costs when buying from Carland Auto Store?

No. There are no hidden fees or costs. Carland Auto Store has never charged any extra dealer fees. Dealer fees are just extra profit for the dealer, not officially required charges. We charge the price of our car plus the sales tax percentage of our customer's county of residence and the states $18.00 title fee. If you are from out of state, then we only charge the sales price. That's it, no surprises.

Q: Where do your cars come from?

Most all of our cars are bought directly from local franchise dealer trade-ins. These dealers typically call us direct for an appraisal when the car is being traded for. Thus, we end up with a car that is usually driven daily by the customer and often times is a one owner car.

Q: Why are there so few cars in stock at Carland Auto Store?

We are very selective in the cars that we choose to offer for resale. Our cars sell very quickly. Since the market has changed in the automotive industry, there are not as many cars being traded for at the franchise level. This is primarily where our cars come from. Therefore, while the number of cars in stock may have diminished, the quality has not.  

Q: Do you sell warranties at Carland Auto Store?

Yes. We do sell extended warranties. We do not push warranties at our customers since most of our customers are buying the types of cars we sell because of it's reputation for excellent service and reliability. Warranties are typically marked up by the dealer by as much as 200%. When we are asked to sell a warranty, the mark up is minimal and rarely exceeds $100.

Q: Who do you recommend for service on your cars?

In order to keep our overhead down, we have outside vendors and shops that do the majority of the reconditioning of our cars. We are as selective in the service and repair of our cars as we are with the cars themselves. That is why we choose specialists for each need. Here are a few that we recommend:

There are many more, so just call us if you have a specific need.

Q: What makes Carland Auto Store different from all the rest?

We are family owned and run since 1995. We pride ourselves in providing you a quality car without the usual pressure and aggressive approach. We do not hesitate to assist our customers in almost any need that may arise, even years after the sale. We want you as a customer for years to come, not just for one sale.