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"I bought a 2006 Honda Odyssey from Carland Auto Store in April of 2010. I could not be more happy with service I got. I paid what I think was a great price for the car, I got a great car and I really liked working with Bart. He seemed extremely knowledgeable about the cars that he is selling and he seemed very interested in continuing a relationship with me after I'd purchased the car. When I have questions about where to get cars serviced, if a particular accessory is worth the money, or any other question about the car I always called Bart and he is quick to answer the phone and seems to have more information on hand then even the Honda dealer. I will be encouraging my friends and family to purchase cars from Carland Auto Store. I feel like I have a new friend in the auto business. I truly believe that this is the type of auto dealership you deal with in heaven if you went to church every Sunday. Keep up the good work."

Adam Haigh
Alpharetta, GA


"We had looked at a number of "By Owner" vehicles that turned out to be someone just "posing" as a single owner and the vehicles current condition and past history were very questionable. I had sworn off dealers of any type years ago and only purchased person to person, however I happened to run upon a CARLAND posting and thought I would at least look at the vehicle. I have to say that from the moment my wife and I drove on the lot we were treated as if we had known Bart and Jenna for years. Bart answered all of our questions honestly and there was not the normal high pressure to purchase. The 2006 Honda Odyssey was in superb condition as stated in the advertisement and we were very pleased to finally find something that actually turned out to match what was stated online. Jenna made the paperwork seamless and we were in and out of the office in 30 minutes. We had a simple electrical issue while driving the car home and I phoned Bart. CARLAND has already proven to us that they provide service after the sale and are truly the "REAL DEAL". I have had family in the used car business and been exposed to some of the more unpleasant aspects, however I can personally attest to the fact that Bart and Jenna want to get and keep customers for the long term not just a quick sale. In fact while we were completing our paper work a return customer came in and purchased a Honda CR-V. That just does not happen in the normal used car business, (I know I have seen it firsthand!!). I am happy to speak to anyone requesting a reference for your company's level of service."

Renton Reese
Lawrenceville, GA


"I want to let you know how much I appreciate the service you gave us when making our recent purchase of the 2002 Odyssey Van.  The van turned out to be a gem and just perfect for what we needed.  In a day where people think all re-sale lots are for people selling wrecked cars, and dealing with shady guys, etc. you are definitely not that person or dealership. I just appreciate your integrity and long standing dealings here in the Lawrenceville area.  If you ever need a reference please feel free to put me at the top of your list.  I can first hand tell anybody that if they are looking online at your dealership that they are looking at the real deal and I have been driving past your location for over 15 years !!"

Thanks Guys!!!
Daniel Poole
Auburn, GA


"I found my automobile and  Carland Auto Store through Craig's List in March  2009. Not having any previous experience with Carland, I approached them with a bit of caution. But from the moment I called and spoke to Bart, and then met his wife Jenna, I felt very comfortable. After talking with them both, I understood why they have been in business for so many years and why much of their business continues to be from repeat customers. Bart and Jenna want you as repeat customers too and they will treat you well."

Mark Edelstein
Johns Creek, GA


“Carland Auto Store has proven again and again to be a provider of excellent automobiles. They strive to supply only the best of used cars in A+ mechanical condition at the most reasonable prices. Our last 3 cars have been purchased through them, and we're still driving 2 of them. They pride themselves on being a hands on dealer with emphasis on customer satisfaction."


Sandra Owens

Lawrenceville, GA